'On The Rock' @ Mercer Island 'Art Uncorked', September 12th, 2014

     - The band's high energy & great tunes was a really big hit at the inaugural 'Art Uncorked'event 

'On The Rock' @ Mercer Island 'Art Uncorked', September 11th, 2015

     - 2nd Annual 'Art Uncorked'event ...'On The Rock' performs again to excellent reviews

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'On The Rock'  

'On The Rock' @ Mercer Island's one & only Mo's Pizza

     - Regularly featured ... Check calender for details ... Performances are outside if nice, and inside if not  

Patrick Daugherty - Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals

Started playing guitar at age 12, gaining notoriety & fame for his 1st gig at 8th grade graduation from Catholic school ... the 'F' in religion precluded any thoughts for a career path in the clergy.  Over the years he has performed in a variety of bands with the strongest musical influences include 50s Rockabilly, American Roots, Country & Blues.   He performs at a variety of senior retirement communities throughout Seattle & has now entertained more Seniors thatn Elvis! He is delighted to be leading  'On The Rock'.

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Mark Gibbs - Bass Guitar

Been playing bass with bands of varying success since high school having taken a bit of time off for family, good behavior and a career in the electrical industry.  In his early days, he's been on stage with some of Bay Area's notable.  Experience ranges from big church orchestras to working blues and country bands. Mark brings a variety of styles to the 'bottom line', and is part of the foundation of 'On The Rock' laying down strong bass lines.

Edgar S. Steinitz - Clarinets & Saxophones

Grew up near the 'Big Apple' saturated by the Arts & Music, although at present, just saturated, & with just what, no one is quite sure...However, 'Cream always rises to the top!'  When not working as a physician, for decades Associate Professor at UW Rehab, he gives up the reflex hammer for his horns. He is nicknamed 'Dancin' Doc' because of his schizophrenic double major in Chemistry & Dance-Theater.  He has played the licorice-stick since soon after walking & is passionate about all genres of music.  He regularly performs with 'Jazz Connection', but is thrilled to be an active participant in 'On The Rock' playing tunes representing the heart & soul of Americana & the many idioms that ensued - Dixieland, Rock n' Roll Rhythm n' Blues.  

Wayne Porter - Percussion

Frequent guest artist playing a variety of drums and percussion . . . possessing a powerful, driving and syncopated beat adding a rich texture to the music, and yet always 'in the pocket'  and 'in sync'  to the band as a whole solidifying 'On The Rock'  to be a band to contend with and perfect for any occasion or special life-cycle event.